Steel Vs. Wood Front Doors for Homes

Confusing to choose the right front doors for home is normal. If you have to find the best one from steel and wood front doors, it is better to check the weakness and benefits of each. Steel and wood have the same strength.

steel entry door

However, the more resistant material from wind and rain is steel. Sure, when you are looking for front doors, it means you need the strong one. They should fight to face the withstand wind, sunlight, and rain at the same time. It also has to keep intruders outside.

Steel Has Appeal

Looking for the attractive and complements front doors can be found in steel. This material is suitable to reach the exterior style you desired. Both wood and steel are standard material for this side of doors because they are solid.

They are a durable choice. When we talk about cost and efficiency, the steel doors are less expensive than wood. The lower price of wood is in the low-end wood doors. However, the lower price means the lower quality. They will not the same as the high-end doors.

More Energy Efficiency

Steel doors have better energy efficient than wood. The insulating values are here and it means they could keep conditioned air inside the home. Not only it, but they also could keep the outdoor air outside.

When we talk about efficiency, we need to focus on its factor. A tight fitting frame and energy efficient cores are what you need to find in entry doors. The doors need maintenance and care. You should save some budgets on it. Steel doors are finished at the factory.

They have a baked-on polyester finish and you do not need to do anything on their installation. Although they need periodic repainting to protect them from moisture, it can be lead to rust. On the other hands, the woods need to be coated including the bottom, top, and sides. It means they need more maintenance, but they are easier to repair than steel.

Steel Is More Versatile

Now, about each of its style. The strongest attribute is in its beauty and versatility. Wood can be painted to any color you desire. It has a wide range of design. Walnut, oak, cherry, pine, and maple. You also could customize the wood doors with carvings and embellishments.

On the other hand, steel doors look cold although they offer versatility too. They are available with a pattern embossed on the surface. They also have a paneled design which imitates wood door style. Therefore, you could paint them with any color of you.

Don’t Forget About Security

The last, but not least is the security of the steel entry doors. They are more stable and stronger than wood. Strong forces will not crack or warp them. On the other hand, wood could crack when there is enough force on it.

If you are looking for good material to keep intruders, steel is the answer. No matter the material, the quality door lock is important. You can choose 3-inch-long mounting crews to increase the door’s security.

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