Sliding vs French Doors

The door is an important element in a house. Therefore, the door has a role as a connector and a separation between the rooms in the house. Besides that, it is also as a liaison between the conditions in the house and the conditions outside the home.

sliding vs french doors

The door can also add to the aesthetic value of the house itself. With the development of technology, it increasingly enables the emergence of various types, designs, sizes, and materials from the door leaf. So many types and shapes of house doors, foresight and creativity, then you are required to choose according to the placement and function of the room where you can install the door there.

Doors are one part of the house that can directly have an impact on the beauty of a house. Make sure the patterns and motifs and the color of the door of the house match the design concept of the house itself.

For example, you choose a classic home design and then given the door of modern minimalism, of course, this will not be suitable. In talking about doors, we have two big things that you can consider.

You need to see what doors you have to install for the front and rear side of your house. The two big things for that are sliding and french patio doors. You may wonder what to choose as the two patio doors are popular among homeowners so you need to choose wisely. Let’s discuss one by one.

The Cost

When we are talking about cost, then we should consider how good the doors we will have. In term of good quality and functionality, both sliding and french door is good. The cost is pretty similar. What makes it different is the aesthetic point of both doors.

Traditional French doors usually are more expensive than sliding doors because they look so elegant and yet so classic. As the cost is pretty similar so it all depends on the size and material you will choose for your doors.

The Design

When it has come to design then it should be seen from the whole design of your house. French doors are different from sliding glass doors. French doors have a wider frame so it will give you natural light and it will be good for those who have classic and modern house.

Sliding doors also offer enough natural light but it comes with narrow frame. If you want to make sharp look for your modern house, then sliding glass doors are the best choice for you.

The View

If you want to get better view for the patio doors, then the sliding doors are undeniably more beautiful because it has wider sight from the glass panels. However, it all depends on you when it has come to the view. If you want to get a better view. The sliding door is better than French door.

After all, when we have to choose between sliding and French patio doors, we should consider our need especially the design. Make sure that the door could enhance the view of the entire house.

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