Why Won’t the Garage Doors Open?

The garage doors which cannot be opened easily is big trouble. However, before you take action to repair them, you have to analyze the cause.

garage door won't open

Check the Photo Eyes

A photo-eye could detect if you or object is blocking the door from lowering all. However, it is only for garage doors from 15-20 years. The length of the photo-eye will be about 46 inches off the ground. The eye is about the size of a pea.

Dust and Dirt

The dust and dirt could clog the eye. They also could block the laser beam. You can use a tissue to clean them.

The Disrupted Operator Power Source

A working outlet is important to notice. The unplug power source could be a reason for the garage door to open. Check the whole component and put the right power source if your solving action seems failed.

The Torsion Springs are Broken

When the loud noise sounds, it could be the springs are broken. Call the garage door repair companies. If it is true that the spring is broken, you may not open the door because it could be very dangerous.

Professionals with the right skills and tools are what you have to find to repair it.

The Popped Off Cables and the Snapped One

Cables sometimes disengaged like what you have on a bike sprocket. The garage door cable could snap when a torsion spring breaks. It could cause damage to the wall and vehicle.

The serious harm is waiting for a person in the way of the cable. Call professional to help you if you see the cables have snapped.

Out of Adjustment

The newly installed garage doors or an older one may get this issue. The door will not open if the sensitivity is set too high or low. Therefore, you need to read the manufacturer’s direction to reset it. Adjust the close force to the correct level. Do not forget to limit switch.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

Many causes make malfunctioning remote control. They could be out of range like the antenna on the motor blocked or damaged from the signal. The right position is when the antenna is hanging down from the motor.

In addition, you could change the battery. Reprogramming the remote if the whole tricks are failed.

Need to Adjust the Limit Setting

Check the limit set of the door closes and immediately pops open again. You can check the owner’s manual to adjust the limit setting. Get the trial and error before you could fix it.

Adjust it up if the door cannot close. A very small adjustment is a smart thing to do.

Out of Track

If the door cannot slide properly, it means it is off track. Along its metal track, ensure it rolling smoothly. You need to check the track for obstacles, bumps bend, and gasp. Check whether the track is misaligned.

You can loose the screws and tap the trackback gently into its proper position. Retighten the screws if it is needed. You may need a rubber mallet to help you.

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